About us

Center Beauty College is a staple located in the heart of Pueblo, Colorado.  Center founded by Frank Shultz in 1946 and is the oldest Beauty and Barbering School in the State of Colorado. The legacy of Frank Shultz vision for the school has continued on through successful leadership of his daughter Leasa Wood.

Center Beauty College is a Private Occupational School with the Department of Higher Education.  We are here to help those with an interest in Cosmetology, Barbering, Hairstyling and Nail Technician achieve their goal by making their dream a reality. 

We believe the reality is achieved through motivation, properly taught skills and techniques that builds confidence in the journey of the artist.  This has been proven as Center has successfully had over 8,000 students attend the program and build careers for life.   The family atmosphere is another component that contributes to the school and the student's success.   We are founded on a hands-on approach that allows students from different generations to have an opportunity to grow together in experience and skills in a non-threating atmosphere.

Our mission and goal is to serve Pueblo and the surrounding communities with quality education that is comprehensive in order for one to be successful.  Each student will receive the skills that is needed for nurturing growth in this occupational field.  To accomplish this our curricular program has been organized to incorporate theory and hand on assignments.  We are committed to help each student propel to their greatest potential through the art of Cosmetology, Barbering, Hairstyling and Nail Technician. Your Journey Begins Today!